Julie Sondra Decker’s Official Site

Thanks for visiting! This is the website of Julie Sondra Decker, Author of Many Hats.

In the fiction world, Julie is known for her novels and short stories in various genres, including fantasy, speculative fiction, magical realism, science fiction, and realistic contemporary subjects. She writes in multiple categories (MG, YA, NA, and Adult), but most of her work is for adult audiences. Her nonfiction work includes essays,  articles, and long nonfiction on instructional writing topics and asexuality awareness.

Julie graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s in education, which she has never used (as she is better at pretending to be a small child than teaching them). In addition to being a writer, she has been a bookseller, an editor, an admin, and a Happy Pasta Girl.  She has written stories and poems since she found out what a book was. Julie is a webcomic artist, a singer, an aromantic asexual woman, a vegetarian, an eldest child, a compulsive cookie-baker, a vertically challenged adult, and definitely not your mother.

On this site, you will find information about Julie’s completed and in-progress projects, purchase links, advice on writing and publishing, latest news, biographical information, media and conference appearances, resources on asexuality and writing/publishing, and links to additional content like comics and videos.

[Please be aware that this site occasionally links to offsite content that may be pseudonymous and may not link back here.]

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