Video: Starting Over

Let’s say you’re working on a book and it’s just not coming together, and now you have to start over. Or let’s say you got feedback from someone you trust and you’re realizing your book has a fatal flaw or could be much better if you made a fundamental change to it. Is this scary? YES! Are there some pointers I can give you to reassure you while getting through it? You bet!

Here’s a video talking through why you might be starting an existing story over again with a new draft and some thoughts on how to approach it.

Video: Writing Fanfiction

I used to have a kind of negative opinion of people writing fanfiction and thought it was a waste of time. Nowadays, though I’m still not a fanfiction reader or writer, I see how beneficial it can be, regardless of whether it trains a writer for an original writing career. Watch my video for thoughts on fanfiction.

Video: Writing to Gender

Today I’m sharing a video about gender’s role in determining what we write and how we sell what we write.

The thrust of this video is that I encourage people to be aware how gendered media frequently is in terms of how it portrays certain genders in fiction and how it’s marketed, and what I think we can do to write our fiction to avoid perpetuating stereotypes and making media more inclusive.

Video: “Misunderstood Genius”

Here’s one about an uncomfortable subject: how your rejections or failures in publishing are not best handled by assuming the world is simply unable to comprehend the staggering genius that is you.

It sounds kind of mean phrased like that, but now that I’ve come across two different people in a very short time who sent completely un-self-aware commentary into the blogosphere about how nobody seems to realize they’re rejecting a True Writer On Par With Thoreau, I decided a video was in order. This gives perspective on still being positive and motivated while chasing publication or representation, but not giving into bitterness that leads you to believe the real problem is Everyone In the World Except You.