New Video: On Originality

Here’s me on originality.

This video covers why it’s so important to be original in your writing, even if you’re heavily influenced by one of the greats. Some basic philosophy on why lifting others’ plot elements, character ideas, and settings will not result in a good story for you, why “there are no new ideas!” is not a good excuse to copy, and a couple hints on how to teach yourself to use influence without being a rip-off artist.

New YouTube channel for writing videos

I’ve decided to start video-blogging about writing-related things. Sometimes I will post how-tos on things I know how to do in the writing world, and sometimes I will post personal perspectives. You can subscribe to my new YouTube channel at Channel JulieSondra.

Here is my video on writing query letters:

And here is my video on how I got my agent:

Feel free to let me know in the comments of this blog post or the comments of the YouTube videos whether you’d like me to do a video on any particular topic. It should be noted that optional captions are always installed in my videos for anyone who needs/wants them.