Pitch Wars Contest: Mentee Success

I’m so excited! As a mentor in the Pitch Wars contest, I was tasked with picking one author out of the slush to prepare him for the agent round, and that I did. I read his book, massaged his pitch, and released it to the wild.

That book got one request from an agent during the bidding window, and she asked for the full manuscript.

Two days later, she offered representation.

My mentee signed with her today.

My Pitch Wars mentee–now known as Whitney Fletcher–is the newest client of Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Literary Agency. He has entrusted his urban fantasy–working title, QUEEN OF SHARDS–to the capable and enthusiastic Lana Popovic. And it was all made possible by little old meeeee, and Brenda’s Pitch Wars contest. Huzzah! I’m so proud of him.

May his submission adventure go well!

You can read a more involved explanation of how everything happened on my blog.

One thought on “Pitch Wars Contest: Mentee Success

  1. Yay! Of course this happened. You are an awesome mentor (speaking from experience 😉 Best of luck to your mentee!

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