I’m only just starting this; more later. Here are some links to specific articles or sites that have been particularly helpful or interesting to me.

Writing Process


  • Ten Writing Tighteners Series — Kelley Harvey Writes, Kelley Harvey. Lots of practical, specific advice on how to fix common problems while polishing your work.

Querying, Synopses, and Proposals

  • How to Write a Query Letter — Nathan Bransford. A basic query letter map with a bunch of links to explain each element of the process.
  • Slushkiller — Making Light, Teresa Hayden. Perspectives on rejection letters and how writers end up reading intent into rejections that editors did not put there.


Writing Research and World-Building Resources

  • Encyclopedia Mythica —, Micha F. Lindemans. Search for specific fairy tale or mythological information or browse the popular areas. Complete with pictures of deities and fantastic beasts.
  • The Language Construction Kit —, Mark Rosenfelder. Authors of speculative fiction can find hints on creating languages for their alien species or fantasy races.

Agents, Publishing, and Publishing Guidelines

  • Tips on Marketing Your Novel — Adventures in Agentland, Natalie Lakosil. What to do to successfully spread the word at every phase of your publishing journey.
  • 25 Steps to Being a Traditionally Published Author — Terrible Minds, Delilah S. Dawson. A delightfully uncensored explanation of how this particular author went from writing her first book to being a published author, with down-to-earth advice on how the process could look for you.
  • Ask and You Shall Receive — Writer Unboxed, M.J. Rose. A list of items pre-published authors should consider when discussing their release with the publisher—promotional opportunities and ideas are outlined with perspective on what questions to ask.
  • A Promotion Timeline — Pub(lishing) Crawl, Jodi Meadows. A nice realistic look at when you should do what when you want to promote your book.
  • The Necessary Evils of Self-Promotion — The Daily Dahlia, Dahlia Adler. Discussion of how, whether, and why to use certain forms of social media in your book promotion, as well as what not to do. Lots of resources and perspectives on which platform for what, etiquette of their use, and external links for certain sections.
  • What It’s Like To Go On Submission With Your Novel — Diana Urban. The less-often-discussed process of submission to publishers, with perspectives from many authors who have been through it. The truth on what you’ll feel, what might happen, and how you’ll survive.


  • I Will Not Read Your ****ing Script — The Village Voice Blog, Josh Olson. Strongly worded piece about why it’s rude (and ineffective) to push publishing-industry professionals to read your work.
  • Con Tips From a Con Junkie — Liz Writes, Elizabeth Briggs. Tips on going to writing conferences/conventions in order to maximize your enjoyment.

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