What’s Your Element? Quiz

In my novel Bad Fairy, protagonist Delia learns about elements in magick school.  While studying Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, the fairy students are assigned to emulate the “personalities” of the four elements.  Ever wonder which element you are?

Take this quiz to find out which Elemental Personality Type is most like you!

  1. The quiz is long, but it needs to gather a lot of data to pinpoint an actual pattern.
  2. If you skip a question, the quiz defaults to casting your “vote” for Air.  Please pick the closest answer for each even if none is quite right.
  3. If the result you get doesn’t sound like you, remember there are only four types, and there are way more than four types of people.  You’re probably a mix.

Elemental Personality Quiz!

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After clicking “submit” for your result, go to the corresponding element for extensive information on your personality profile!

50 thoughts on “What’s Your Element? Quiz

  1. For a personality quiz of this type, this was really well written and thought provoking. I even got an element that I would not have expected; who would’ve pegged me for Air?

    – The Vulture (Erm… Okay, so the user name matches up nicely…)

  2. Hmm….I got air……I was hoping for fire…..but….still…..the quiz was very……um…..accurate……….maybe?

    • Yay, earth! I was aiming for it too I love earth I was expecting this to be my personality.

      (Well the name doesn’t exactly match but whatever I like that name)

  3. Air. Although, after reading the descriptive traits of each element, I think I would possibly be split between Air and Earth. Tough to say for sure though; I’ll need to do some more research before I decide for sure.

  4. YES!!!! Earth!! I totally 100% expected this. I’m not a fire person, or a water or air sort of person. I love earth. ☄☄☄ I feel like a shooting star

  5. I have never gotten any another element than air in all the tests I’ve ever done. Guess I’m 100% air then. IT really suits me 😉

  6. I am water I am not surprised either I am very kind but emotional but sometimes I’m powerful And I LOVE water!!!!!!!!

    • Combinations? I don’t know what you were expecting to see combined, but it’s a very simple sorting into one of four elements. It acknowledges that there are far more than 4 types of people so it’s not a science or anything–feel free to combine possibilities on your own if you see fit.

  7. Fire! Hell yeah! Fun thing is that I’m a Libra; an Air sign. But, still, fire will always be my favorite element of the four.

  8. I GOT EARTH!! Though I feel like a mix of Air and Earth, plus I am a Gemini sun, Libra rising AND Capricorn moon so that explains alot

  9. … I got air… this is incorrect… every other quiz I took was fire or earth… I guess that makes me lava???

    • I think an elemental assessment that suggests there are only four types of people, which is intentionally unscientific and giving meaning to personality traits when they aren’t objectively there, for fun . . . probably can’t be described as “incorrect.” Because if you liked what you got, it also wouldn’t really be “correct.” If the quiz wasn’t useful or insightful though, you are welcome to disregard what it said!

  10. Do you have a paper copy of this with a key? I’m leading a retreat, and would love to be able to give everyone this quiz on paper, as we won’t have online access.


    • Really sorry I missed your comment, it’s probably too late now if you were looking for info soon. I don’t have a paper copy but it’s possible I could make one and send it to you. Let me know if you would still want me to and if I can use the e-mail address you included associated with your comment.

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