Personality Profile: Air Type

If you got the AIR personality type on the What’s Your Element? quiz, you value the intellectual, the mental, and the logical.  You love the big picture—the concept, the philosophy, the idea—more than you love the details.

You approach your life more in terms of thinking rather than feeling, and you value that trait in others.  You tend to be disdainful of those who don’t operate by reason, because you can elaborate on the reasons behind everything you think or do or believe.  You love knowledge, you probably took/are taking school very seriously, and you enjoy learning.  And you usually don’t mind being asked to explain the reasoning behind anything you’re doing.

You’re an idea person.  You’re often inspired, and you like consuming and generating content in your areas of expertise.  You don’t believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done just because they’re traditional; you believe in examining the “why,” and you don’t fear change if all signs point to change making sense.

Your strengths:

You’re great to have around if a problem needs to be solved.  You can think things through.  You’re probably intelligent.  You are probably a good communicator and language person.  You’re fairly emotionally independent and don’t need heavy doses of reassurance or support, and you’d never be described as clingy. You have the capacity to be charming because you are sincere without flattery.

Though you think deeply, you don’t have a lot of “down” days where you need others to cheer you up, and you tend to be open to considering others’ opinions if they’re presented in an accessible way.  You have a good work ethic when it comes to solving problems, and leaving them unsolved would bother you.  You might come off as reserved sometimes, but you’re actually really easy to talk to.  You’re good at balancing projects and not getting overwhelmed if you have lots to do; you switch gears readily.

Your weaknesses:

Sometimes your tendency toward fantasy and “big picture” thoughts can make you a daydreamer to your own detriment; you may be disconnected or so caught up in your own world that you aren’t able to keep appointments or complete tasks unrelated to your passion.  You may have difficulty connecting emotionally with others and may be regarded as too stiff or overly analytical, which could lead to relationship issues.

Your tendency to value ideas above technique could be responsible for an inability to appreciate some forms of art.  You may alienate some people who expect personal testimonials to affect you if you respond by emphasizing the importance of “the needs of the many.”  You may have a tendency to get distracted too easily.  You may be a poor housekeeper and a poor dresser because you don’t care much about appearances, and manners sometimes escape you.

Your Roles and Careers:
Scholar, teacher, student, communicator, writer, philosopher, theorist, economist, strategist.

Symbols Associated With Air (these are not supposed to be “your favorites”—they are traditionally used to represent this element):

Color: Yellow/Gold
Direction: East
Season: Spring
Time of Day: Dawn
Animals: Birds, flying creatures
Foods: Light, minty, fizzy, fluffy: salads, light and sweet fruits, foods with air in them like carbonated sodas (ginger ale or carbonated waters), fluffy cakes, biscuits, rice cakes
Music: Flute and pipes, chimes, calm Far East music, unaccompanied vocals, most New Age music, uplifting songs
Clothes: Light-colored, loose-fitting, ignoring of fashion, clever or indicative of intelligence, natural fabrics, meaningful but sparse jewelry

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Other Types:

61 thoughts on “Personality Profile: Air Type

  1. Air person here! I think I fit this pretty well, besides that bit about taking school seriously. I do take my personal projects really seriously, but in school I’ve been content with the grades I can make without putting in effort outside of class, and while I could go above and beyond and make much better grades than I do, I don’t see the extra effort and time as worthwhile I guess. =)

    But this is great. Cool quiz!

  2. I’m an air person by this description, for the most part. I”m honestly surprised, however, that “air” is the one to fit the “logical, intellectual” personality, because usually in other quizzes, air people are very spacey, effervescent, or indifferent types.

    I have to say, this is pretty accurate to describe me, with few exceptions. I think the only traits that don’t fit me so well are the “poor dresser” bit (I am fairly fashionable), my color being yellow/gold (I much prefer purple, and other “cool” colors to yellow), and my time of day being “dawn”, a time at which I am seldom awake, and if I am, I am sure as heck not functional. Otherwise, pretty spot on! I love taking these types of quizzes, so I’ll pretty much take one at any chance I get.

    • The symbols and whatnot–the color, the time of day, etc.–are not actually supposed to be descriptive of you; they’re symbolic of the element. In the story this is from, the characters who are studying elements use these symbols to help them embrace and understand each element during the week they’re studying it. As for the “spacey” type Air person, it still has a possibility of fitting into this as those folks are Big Idea people who in extreme cases can become absent-minded professors.

    • it said they didn’t have to be your favorite things, just stuff symbolically used to represent air types

  3. I’m much more emotional than this result implies, but I am pretty brainy, so I guess it works. I thought the other one was much more accurate, though.

  4. Quiz says I’m air. Description seems to match up well, overall. But some of the symbols of the element, not so much (I dress like I’m earth, most of the time, my favorite animals are more in line with fire, I’m not really a morning person, and I have a few issues with heights, but that’s a little beside the point, probably).

    • The symbols and whatnot—the color, the time of day, etc.—are not actually supposed to be descriptive of you; they’re symbolic of the element. In the story this is from, the characters who are studying elements use these symbols to help them embrace and understand each element during the week they’re studying it.

  5. Eh.. Get outta my head! 😉

    I really like that awesome quiz, because it’s fairly acurate (except spring being my season (winter) and the coloring of my clothing (black, black… dark)) and well fleshed out.
    There are quizzes (?) you don’t even need to take as you can the result already see by looking at the questions – that’s not one of those and… well. Well done 😉

    [And as a fellow worldbuilder I admire that damn well fleshed out eh… system. Somehow those I “invent” never get further than the “I know what this is, but it is so vague, it doesn’t feel real.”-phase So admiration. A lot of it ;)]

    • The symbols like season, color, etc. are not supposed to apply to you or represent what you like personally. They’re symbols associated with the element and can be used to represent it.

      Interesting thoughts on “worldbuilding.” I’ve spent very little time and effort on anything I’d consider “worldbuilding.” I’m not a setting-oriented writer, but I guess the way the world is built will come through in my characters.

      I’m glad you thought the results weren’t predictable.

      • Can I ask what is the point of these symbols to represent the element if they have nothing to do with the personality type? I think I get that ‘air’ is just used as a symbol to represent the personality type and has no actual connection but why the food types if they don’t mean anything other than they have air in them?

        • It’s not that they mean nothing. It depends on how you’re going to use the information. In this context it’s primarily a personality test, so it explains how the personality traits relate to you, but this quiz is included here because it’s based on a book I wrote in which the characters “celebrate” elemental weeks to get in touch with various elements. If you wanted to do something similar, you could, say, eat the foods and wear the clothes and use the colors mentioned in the descriptions. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you like or are represented by the symbols that are associated.

          • Thanks, loved the your probably intelligent comment. This quiz was awesome, the weaknesses fit for me, so do most of the strengths, thanks again

  6. This is interesting. Definatly describes me always thinking always well in the clouds i think air is all about congnito urgo sum. Anyway have a great day.

  7. Yeah I’m Air. I’m still feeling a little guilty and embarrassed about all the great things it’s saying are my strengths. But, thank you Julie. This was fun.

  8. Hi,
    So I was really surprised that I got Air, especially since I’m born right on the cusp of Leo (July 22 9:49PM), so I’m Water and Fire. But the description is accurate for the most part, this was a very pin-pointing personality quiz. Thanks!

  9. Wow! This quiz is quite fantastic, and this result explains me to a ‘T’. I didn’t really believe it when air came up, because my earlier research always called it an ‘air-head’ but, this whole thing truly makes sense. 😀 I’m even a Gemini!!!

  10. I got fire when I took the quiz but I’m also a lot like water except for water’s weakness. Also the symbols fit me really well. I’m probably a mix of fire and water.

  11. Others have commented this before but I really enjoy not being able to see the different answers and not being able to say oh this is water and this is fire etc. This quiz was really well written and I enjoyed this quiz a lot.

  12. Dead on. Great test. Lots of effort put into it. However, I have a question. Can you explain to me why air is associated with Spring? I don’t get it. Air reminds me of autumn. I think of the gusts and the leaves blowing off the trees. Winter is when everything is covered in water (snow). Spring is when things grow, nature. I’m just curious to hear the elaboration behind air and spring.

    • It’s mostly because the test is rooted in Pagan mythology. Air is historically associated with the East, and since that is where the sun rises, it’s also a symbolic “beginning.” Spring is the season most heavily associated with beginnings. Does that make sense?

  13. Cool Quiz. Very accurate. However, I think I have great fashion sense tie-dye and Hawaiian shirts are cool.

  14. This is just like me! What even more funny is that spring is my favorite season and my favorite detection is east(no clue why yet). I have always felt connected to air anyhow. We’ll I’m sorta a mix of water and air bunched up in earth( birth sign and love for nature=sorta earth and a couple of quizzes) (I find answers like words in word shear he’s while blowing on the screen. ) ( I love water!!!) this quiz is just SUPER accurate

  15. I’ve been taking quizzes (Chinese Taoist elements, alchemy symbols, magical this that and the other) looking at personality types for a book I’m working on. Each have the same results: Air, yellow/gold, East, Spring and basic strength/weakness profiles. I’ve made my friends do them as well, hehe. As we do them, their comments are similar to what I read here…I don’t like yellow, I dress well, Spring? I love Winter etc… I will speak for myself, as an “air” being rational, self assured and such, proposing that these directions, seasons and colors etc. may not be ones “favorite” but serve more as sources of power and inspiration. Yellow and gold look horrible on me but I’m so attracted to them on other people and things. Spring isn’t my favorite season, but its definitely where my inspiration and productivity reach their peak also true for the early morning hours. I took a look around my home and strangely enough, everything of focus (my garden, my office, my fireplace, TV and books) are all facing east. Perhaps there are practical, empirical reasons for all of this but as us “air people don’t believe in doing things the way they have always been done”, it is no surprise that our breezes carry us in different directions. Julie Decker- Thank you. I really enjoyed this quiz and thoughtful questions. Delightful book as well.

  16. Thank you for this most informative of articles! My passions have always lied in the elements, philosphy, religion/spirituality and generally the way things work. Taking quizzes to obtain information about my “type” is something I usually sneer at, but somehting about your professional website and well written articles gave me a sense of confidence. Now glad I took the quiz as it feels right…

    Would love to know where you collected your information, have been looking for some time on good information about the elements and how to work with them effectively.

    Thanks again.

    Take Care,

  17. I very much enjoyed taking this quiz. Many quizzes like this one have very obvious questions and answers, so that you can just select the responses to get the answer you’d like. This quiz, however, was more obscure, and definitely gave more in-depth profiles. In addition, the description (for the most part) matched up with my personality.

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to make this– it was clearly much appreciated by all.


  18. I got Air, and the description is pretty accurate. My differences are that I am very organized and great at housekeeping, my space is peaceful and cozy and beautiful. Also, I am actually horrible at balancing too many projects, and I get overwhelmed easily if what I’m doing is not something I know how to do well.
    I don’t look down on anyone, especially people who don’t have the need to think through everything. Intuition, just knowing, and goin-with-the-gut can all be equally valid as long as they’re doing no harm.
    Also, I tend to need reassurance, or appreciation for my effort. I am independent, but if I am not getting affirmation I think I’m not doing well enough.

    • I think there are way more than 4 types of people so we’re all going to be mixtures in some ways! As a fellow Air person, I also would say I have a very organized household, and it’s part of how I express the organization of information and having very particular ideas of how things should be. I don’t have a “utilitarian” living space either, and tend to make people comfortable in my place. In the description of Air people, it does mention that some Air people don’t balance their tasks well and can manifest like an absent-minded professor type.

  19. Yeah, this profile fits me (as my username suggests), especially because I love all animals but I connect especially well with birds. I have owned four altogether. All of them had yellow on them somewhere. Two I got in northern-hemisphere spring, and two in southern-hemisphere spring.
    So I am like an uber-Air.

  20. This is too me. I read the first paragraph and thought well they know me, don’t they. I’m beginning to wright a book and I thought to use this site for information but then I did the test and found that this is pretty much 100% me. Except for the clothes, I don’t like loose fitting clothes much.

    • The loose clothes don’t have to be your style, but they’re a traditional way to signify air if you wanted to do so on purpose. 😉 There are way more than four types of people and way more than four types of fashion, so I’m sure not everything will fit everyone. Glad you found it accurate to your personality! I’m Air too.

  21. I’m currently revising a story of mine and decided to do research on personality types for my characters when this came up and I thought, “Why not?” I love quizzes like this. I got air and read the personality description and found it very accurate to what I’m like.

  22. I got Air, as expected, especially by the way I answered my questions. Personally, I feel I’m both Air and Water, as both description fit me very well. I DO think mostly than feel, but my thoughts often correlate with my emotions, always always taking them into acount.

    But I do like this. On an emotional level Water speaks to my heart and soul, but on an intellectual level Air is me. I guess everyone is the same – I do have some Fire in me too. Basically no Earth.

    I love this because it shows that I’m far more reasonable than people give me credit

  23. I was expecting to get earth, as that is the answer I usually receive on these sorts of quizzes, but was surprised to find I received “Air Type” instead. At first I was skeptical, but upon reading the personality profile I found it to be quite accurate, especially pertaining to my dressing habits. Also, while I’m not the most social, people seem to find it easier to vent their feelings and frustrations to me, and even if I don’t usually say much in return they tend to take the little I do say more seriously. Hatoful Boyfriend is my favourite game, so I guess I’ve got the bird part covered too ;). The only thing really off for me about this is the carbonated drinks, but then again it’s a symbol, not one of my “favourites”. Anyway, I thought the quiz questions were very well worded, and I can’t wait to read Bad Fairy~!

  24. Based on the test i got. Earth. I believe the element changes as your life changes. We as a whole are all the elements together and some points based on life determines which sticks out for that moment.

  25. Not gonna lie, this is pretty accurate, honestly I’m almost creeper out, except of course for the clothing bit. I tend to wear darker colors, and I climb trees, so ‘loosely fitting’ doesn’t quite work for me, I do however completely ignore fashion and wear what I want. I actually do enjoy writing and thinking, except sometimes when a teacher tells me what I need to write or think I get ticked off. I’m stouborn, and not always open to other ideas, even when presented logically, but I try to work on that. So those things aside, this is definently acureate 😀

    Cool quiz : )

  26. I’m just a new nature worshipper learning the basics and seeing how I can relate symbolically, and seeing my air result was a good step for my happiness.

  27. Almost everything is so accurate. Only difference is music. My music style is more from water and earth. Actually I can’t stand hard music, it’s just against my nature. But this is the only difference. It was great test, thanks for helping me find out my element.

  28. Air although I’ve got a learning disability (It’s called Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)) I read a lot in fact the person who found out that I had a learning disability was surprised at some of the knowledge I had because of my need to learn. Now I understand myself a little better since I took this quiz.

  29. Air sign here. Accurate, almost 100%. I have 2 college degrees and am looking forward to learning again. And strangely, my favorite color is yellow (always has been), and I wear natural fabrics that I make into clothing myself – loose fitting clothing, too. I love huge linen dresses. You did really good on this quiz and the personality outcomes.

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