Personality Profile: Water Type

If you got the WATER personality type on the What’s Your Element? quiz, you value compassion, caring, and deep feeling.  Your heart is your guide in everything you do, and you are very tuned in to other people’s experiences.

You approach your life more in terms of intuition rather than reasoning, and you value that trait in others.  You tend to be disdainful of those who require a “harsh” list of logical explanations, because you know that your feelings are the most important aspect of everything you think or do or believe.  You tend to be very aware of your own emotions and to be strongly affected by them.  Noticing others’ needs and responding to them is in your nature.

You’re a romantic person—not necessarily in relationships (though you definitely can be that), but in your whole approach to the world.  You see and react to beauty and tragedy, and experiences usually seem more meaningful or poignant to you than they do to others.  You have an instinct for caretaking, and love of all kinds—giving and getting—comes easily to you.  You tend to go with the flow, deliberately, and the mysterious is often appealing and inspiring to you.  You have vivid dreams.

Your strengths:

You’re excellent at taking care of other people; if you’re a parent or caretaker, you’re warm and open with your little ones, and in your relationships you’re always the compassionate one that everyone knows will lend a helping hand and a sympathetic ear.  You have strikingly accurate intuition, especially about other people, and you almost always know the right thing to do in awkward situations to make everyone feel better.

You’re very good at keeping secrets and you’re completely trustworthy.  You tend to be generous—sometimes more generous with others than you are with yourself!—and you may be one of those folks who senses the “vibe” of a room.  Your overflowing feeling may contribute to an ability to evoke strong reactions in others if you produce art about your experiences.  You’re generally the person anyone can count on for a good hug, and you flourish in being able to be that person.

Your weaknesses:

You may be termed “oversensitive” often by people who don’t feel like you do; this is because when you feel, it can overwhelm you and cause a tearful breakdown or an inability to function.  Sometimes you overextend yourself trying to take on too much of everyone else’s problems, and because you put yourself last, you can suffer if you don’t learn to balance yourself.  You may come off as clingy in relationships or drive people away by falling too hard too fast.  You may be unable to pull through something that’s bothering you and you just let it ruin your week as you brood.

Sometimes you can be moody and not interested in helping other people figure out what interactions from them you’d appreciate in this state—you’re annoyed that they can’t just know, like you do—so sometimes you pull away and isolate yourself, and may have a tendency to engage in addictive behaviors that are detrimental to your health.  Sometimes your sensitivity causes you to react to others’ words very strongly, and you find yourself the only offended or hurt person in the room.  Because of this some people may think you’re a downer and push you away.

Your Roles and Careers:
Counselor, religious figure, mortician, parent/caretaker, artist/musician, poet, health worker/companion.

Symbols Associated With Water (these are not supposed to be “your favorites”—they are traditionally used to represent this element):

Color: Blue
Direction: West
Season: Autumn
Time of Day: Twilight
Animals: Fish and sea creatures
Foods: Liquid, sweet, syrupy, wet: soups, watermelon, fish, iced cakes, water, honey, lemonade, mushrooms, juicy fruit
Music: Easy listening, harp, trance, dreamy music, flowing music, most classical, emotional music
Clothes: Flowing fabric that swirls, layers, dangly jewelry, costume-ish and romantic, blue (dark or light), silver, velvet, painted fabrics, translucents and meshes, lace, sea creature accessories, flower jewelry, water-oriented gemstones

Comment if you’re a Water person!

Other Types:

64 thoughts on “Personality Profile: Water Type

      • Maybe it is because some people just want to share their thoughts/feelings and don’t care as much about privacy or don’t mind for other people to read them?

        I don’t know. I like this quiz, though. Definitely and autumn person. But perhaps my autism has me keeping my feelings in check than I’d otherwise might like to? The emotional and analyical, rational sides of me battling it out.

        Eh. Rambling.

  1. Really accurate! Wow. Except for the bit about mushrooms, I hate those but it’s otherwise pretty much how I am.

    • The foods and colors and whatnot are just symbols. They don’t necessarily represent you (and probably don’t). In the book I wrote where elemental studies are important, the fairy characters use these symbols and ways of dressing and foods and whatnot as ways to help them embrace the element they’re working on that week. 🙂

  2. I find that I’m a very mixed person, I’ve done noumerous quizes, and I’ve even had my palm read (by an amature who grew up around licenced readers)I’ve been told I’m air, frequently fire, now water, but (almost) never earth, is there a way to get an even more specific answer to my element?

  3. Wow this is totally me but on other quizzes I get air for some reason but after reading the Air profile here, I’m confused…

  4. I was surprised as I have never thought of myself as water – but reading through the characteristics makes me think it probably is me.

  5. This completely and utterly fits me! Every time I take quizzes like this, I always fit water perfectly. Probably says something… but still, I feel like I could fit air, I’m so confused…

    • Hi Taegan. You could have an air rising sign, or an air Moon sign. Or air elsewhere in your chart. They all come into your personality.

  6. I don’t know about the rest of the water people but for only a very few discrepancies…it was “spot on” for me!! Admit your short comings, embrace your strengths and live, love & laugh!

  7. Wow this is me two years ago I was fire but now I’m water. I did other test like this and they all say that I’m water so cool. Happy with what I got!!

  8. Strangely……. And scary? I am a perfect description of WATER.I have read similar descriptions of WATER before, but this seems even more descritive.?
    As if I was being watched by a friend or family member describing myself.
    I will try to pay more attention to the WATER symbols and /or features.
    Anything to try to make every day, happier, more at ease, and comfortable.
    Thanks! =)

  9. Whoa!!!!!! It’s like the quiz was reading my heart and soul!!!!! Almost every single element quiz I’ve ever taken has told me that I’m water… I believe it too, especially since so many told me that… I’ve always felt this really strong connection almost to water! Thanks for an awesome quiz, it was really fun! It’s so me!!!!!!!!!

  10. Totally me, of gosh, thank you so much!
    And can you guess my favorite mythical creature growing up (and if I’m honest, even to this day ;D lol)?
    The Little Mermaid! haha!

  11. I’ve done numerous elemental quizzes and received Earth and Water the most out of anything. Although I share Earth’s symbols and miserably possess it’s weaknesses, I feel that Water fits my personality better after reading both pages. It’s probably not so far-fetched, as my favorite season truly is Autumn and I highly enjoy the sounds of water and rainfall.

  12. Hi julie. Im water but i have almost an aversion to most forms of actual water. Drinking, beach, bath, pool, etc. Showers are the only exception. Does that mean anything? Thanks.

    • It doesn’t “mean” anything. There are only four types of people on this test and it’s all highly symbolic. I’m sure some people who are Water personality types enjoy water a lot and others don’t. The Water type describes a personality, and it’s certainly not a science or a condition with symptoms. If you feel like it fits you but you don’t like the actual element, that’s not a problem.

  13. Its really great when it coms to the behaviours and other stuffs. But food, colour and other stuffs are not accorate.
    Love it. Ive tried so many tests anfd 90/. Of them are water.

  14. I enjoy knowing what sign I currently am, but what I’d really love to know is how to overcome the weaknesses that are inherent with the personality.

  15. Wow! I am literally in awe! This describes me to the T!
    It is amazing to have myself written down on paper, with my strengths and weaknesses right there for me to see.
    In my quest to find out the ‘real me’, some have told me that I have the element of earth very strongly, but for some reason I always felt like I am water. Here is the answer!
    Thank you!

  16. I’m definitely a water sign.
    Although I can dry out at a moment’s notice.
    I don’t get bogged down with all the emotional drainy stuff. Or at least I try not to, unless it’s a beautiful experience. I also could be asexual for this reason.
    Thank you for bringing light to these cool issues, Julie.
    *also notice to water signs: the music of the “Cocteau Twins” is really GREAT if you’re water sign-

  17. That’s sure me Julie, though, I ‘ve learnt to overcome those depressive sides whenever it pops up, but tell me Julie, why are the fire elements always attracted to me? All my relationships are of the fire elements what will I do knowing that such combination is not always the best?

    • It’s hard to say, and won’t be the same in all cases. I think very passionate people who don’t stop to think about others’ feelings may also be less able to practice self-care, and may gravitate toward people who will care for them. Your nature probably pushes you toward wanting to comfort and care, so you may be attracted to them as much as they are to you. You may need to learn more about how to protect yourself from people who will use too much of your emotional resources and learn to build the occasional dam. It isn’t always doomed, though. Sometimes water and fire can temper each other. Just beware the ones that want respect from you but don’t have any respect FOR you.

  18. I am suprisingly accurate with water but i got earth in the test… but its all about my opinion so yeah. I’ll just go with the gut instinct that i am water

  19. I have taken so many quizzes on the internet and I always end up with water, which I do find very fitting for myself. Lovely descriptions and totally matches my personality on many points~ After seeing “counselor,” I remember my mother always telling me that I should be one.

  20. Most of this is pretty much spot on. However, I am not artistic or creative and I don’t see me ever being in a health-care related position. I worked as a nurses aide many years ago and it took less than one shift for me to know health care was not in my future. I have done several personality quizzes in the past and this is the first time I have seen an element quiz. Water seems fitting for me because being at the lake or ocean intensifies my laid back personality.

  21. I used to be an earth and it made a lot of sense. Now, this is the second quiz I’ve taken today and they both say I’m a water which describes me perfectly. In the past few years I changed my diet and started meditating and wonder if water has always been the real me hiding beneath the earth.

  22. I thank you for your time to make this page. I am still finding myself and love these sites. Especially if you tune yourself in. But, I also know that with some people, you can actually be more than one element. So, does not mean you are wrong or right. There really isnt a right or wrong answer. Just is. Thanks for you time.

  23. it actually made pretty good sense and summed me up pretty accurately, but I wouldn’t say that it was perfect. There are definitely some things that I don’t agree with.

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