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signupThis is an extremely NON-spammy e-mail list. I want people to be able to opt in for updates on my published works and relevant information, especially since I’ve had such an overwhelming outpouring of support for the asexuality book and I want to create an easy way for all of you to stay informed.

I will not be using the list to spam you, but I will be including you in updates on the process, giving you options to help me out on spreading the word about any of my works, and giving out info on how to pre-order, purchase, and promote my stuff if you’re interested.

If you want to be first to know when Things Happen with my books, this is the list you should join. If you expect you’ll eventually hear by following my site, my blog, and my Twitter, that’s fine by me, but I intend to create special opportunities and offers for people who subscribe, and you can choose whether you want to be a part of it!

Thank you!

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