Favorite Books

My Favorite Books, By Author:


  • Douglas Adams: The Deeper Meaning of Liff; The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series
  • Richard Adams: Watership Down
  • K. A. Applegate: Animorphs


  • Alison Bechdel: Fun Home; Are You My Mother?
  • Francesca Lia Block: Dangerous Angels; Ecstasia; Girl Goddess #9; Necklace of Kisses; Primavera
  • Vanna Bonta: Flight
  • Ann Brashares: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series
  • Charlotte Brontë: Jane Eyre
  • Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights
  • Octavia E. Butler: Earthseed books; Patternist series; Xenogenesis series


  • Stephen Chbosky: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Eoin Colfer: Artemis Fowl series
  • Suzanne Collins: The Hunger Games series
  • Scott Cunningham: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs; Living Wicca; The Truth About Witchcraft Today; Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner


  • Roald Dahl: James and the Giant Peach; Matilda
  • Diane Duane: Young Wizards series
  • Lois Duncan: A Gift of Magic; Stranger with My Face
  • Katherine Dunn: Geek Love


  • Garth Ennis: Preacher graphic novels
  • Jeffrey Eugenides: Middlesex


  • J.C. Fann: The Queenschair series
  • Mark Frauenfelder, Carla Sinclair and Gareth Branwyn: The Happy Mutant Handbook
  • Usamaru Furuya: Short Cuts manga


  • Neil Gaiman: American Gods; The Sandman graphic novels
  • Steven Gould: Jumper


  • Shannon Hale: Book of a Thousand Days; The Books of Bayern series; Princess Academy series; The Actor and the Housewife
  • Alex Haley: Roots
  • Pete Hautman: Godless
  • Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Time
  • Joseph Heller: Catch-22
  • Carl Hiaasen: Skinny Dip


  • Eva Ibbotson: Which Witch?
  • Riichiro Inagaki and Yusuke Murata: Eyeshield 21 manga


  • Ken Kesey: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Daniel Keyes: Flowers for Algernon
  • Sue Monk Kidd: The Secret Life of Bees
  • Stephen King: Carrie; The Dark Tower series; Firestarter; On Writing; The Shining; The Stand
  • Barbara Kingsolver: The Poisonwood Bible
  • John Knowles: A Separate Peace
  • Nancy Kress: Beggars in Spain


  • Wally Lamb: I Know This Much Is True
  • Gail Carson Levine: Ella Enchanted
  • David Levithan: Boy Meets Boy


  • Gregory Maguire: Wicked
  • Yann Martel: Life of Pi
  • George R.R. Martin: Wild Cards
  • Edain McCoy: The Sabbats
  • Eloise McGraw: The Moorchild
  • Keith Miller: The Book of Flying
  • Christopher Moore: Bloodsucking Fiends, Lamb
  • Jaclyn Moriarty: The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie


  • John Novak: How to Meditate


  • Chuck Palahniuk: Choke; Fight Club
  • Julie Anne Peters: Between Mom and Jo; Far from Xanadu; Keeping You a Secret; Luna
  • Rodman Philbrick: Freak the Mighty
  • Dav Pilkey: Captain Underpants series
  • Daniel Pinkwater: Young Adult Novel
  • Philip Pullman: His Dark Materials series


  • Wilson Rawls: Where the Red Fern Grows
  • Louise Rennison: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series
  • Mike Resnick: Will the Last Person to Leave the Planet Please Shut Off the Sun?
  • Spider Robinson: The Callahan Chronicals
  • Linda Rosenkrantz and Pamela Satran: Beyond Jennifer & Jason
  • Rainbow Rowell: Eleanor & Park; Fangirl


  • Louis Sachar: The Cardturner; Holes; Sixth Grade Secrets; There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom
  • J.D. Salinger: Catcher in the Rye
  • R.A. Salvatore: Dark Elf trilogy
  • Pamela Redmond Satran & Linda Rosenkrantz: Cool Names for Babies
  • Eric Schlosser: Fast Food Nation
  • William Shakespeare: Hamlet
  • Shel Silverstein: The Missing Piece Meets the Big O
  • Dan Simmons: The Hollow Man
  • William Sleator: The Boy Who Reversed Himself; Interstellar Pig; Singularity
  • Andrew Smith: 100 Sideways Miles; Grasshopper Jungle
  • Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Jerry Spinelli: Milkweed; Stargirl
  • Ivan Stang: The Book of the SubGenius
  • Tom Stoppard: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead


  • Patricia Telesco: A Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook
  • J.R.R. Tolkien: Lord of the Rings series
  • Lynne Truss: Eats, Shoots & Leaves


  • Jhonen Vasquez: Squee
  • Joan D. Vinge: Cat series


  • Rebecca Wells: Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
  • Edith Wharton: Ethan Frome
  • Elie Wiesel: Night
  • G. Clifton Wisler: Antrian series


  • Timothy Zahn: A Coming of Age
  • Paul Zindel: The Pigman

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