pro8tJulie Sondra Decker is an author from Tampa, Florida. She writes fiction for adults and children—usually speculative fiction, fantasy, and science fiction—and she is widely known for her nonfiction work in asexuality awareness activism. Her nonfiction title, The Invisible Orientation, was released September 2014 from Skyhorse/Carrel Books.

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  • Essays on Writing: My perspectives on various aspects of the writing craft and the commercial world that it intersects.
  • FAQ: My Frequently Asked Questions about being a writer.
  • I’m Reading: What I’m reading, what I’m about to read, and what I read and how I liked it.  (I give various books star ratings.)

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  1. I admire your diverse writing genres and how prolific you are. I found you through another blog: Mother. Write. (Repeat) and will definitely look forward to seeing more of your work.

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