Interview: Modern Pleasure

I was a guest on the podcast Modern Pleasure. We had a good conversation that was nuanced while still being accessible to people who don’t know much about asexuality. Very interesting discussions of negotiating sex in mixed-orientation relationships and how people might figure out they’re asexual.



Julie Sondra Decker, author of the book The Invisible Orientation, and strong advocate for the asexual community sits down for an in depth conversation with Dr. Jenni and Kim.

You can listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts or your check it out on your favorite podcatcher.

Interview: Reimagining Spinsterhood

I was a guest on the podcast Reimagining Spinsterhood. Lucy Meggeson interviewed me for a lovely chat about the experience of asexuality and the threads we share with perpetually single people.


In this week’s episode, I’m talking to the fabulous Julie Sondra Decker. Julie Sondra Decker, is an author from Tampa, Florida. She writes fiction for adults and children—usually speculative fiction, fantasy, and science fiction—and she is widely known for her nonfiction work in asexuality awareness activism. Her nonfiction title, The Invisible Orientation, was released in September 2014.

You can listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts or your check it out on your favorite podcatcher.


Interview: Flow

I was a guest on the podcast Flow. The episode was called The Silencing of Asexuals. Sheila Das conducted an in-depth discussion with me on conversations we can have about asexuality and why they’re important.

Julie Sondra Decker shows how asexuals are silenced when denied as a “real” orientation, not divergent enough by queer groups, or overlooked by some sex-positive advocates. We look at how silencing then reverberates in TV shows, institutions and personal violence. But how has the scene been changing? And what can we do about it through our conversations? Julie is a leader and advocate in the asexual or Ace community and author of The Invisible Orientation.

You can listen to the episode on Spotify or your check it out on Apple or Google, or listen to it embedded.

Interview: The Knot

Interview: The Knot

The Knot contacted me to comment on asexuality-related issues and has published an article containing, in part, my answers to the questions they asked. The article is called “Everything You Need to Know About Asexuality (But Didn’t Want to Ask)


This article is by Dina Cheney and includes contributions from me, Anthony Bogaert, and Amanda Pasciucco. It discusses the basics of asexuality, the spectrum, the way aces identify, ace relationships, figuring out if you’re asexual, and how to be an ace ally.

Book Panel: A Room of One’s Own I AM ACE Panel Discussion

I was a panelist at A Room of One’s Own’s book panel for the I AM ACE Panel Discussion.  This panel, organized by Caide Jackson, featured Cody Daigle-Orians with their new book I AM ACE, along with fellow ace activists Ashabi Owagboriaye and me. We covered some asexuality-related topics and some content-creation-related topics and then took questions from the crowd. Very well attended and a lovely time. You can watch it on replay.

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Interview: USA Today

Interview: USA Today

USA Today published a piece reacting to Paris Hilton describing herself as potentially having been asexual before she got married. The article is called “Paris Hilton thought she was asexual. What we often misunderstand about asexuality.

This article includes contributions from KJ Cerankowski, me, Catherine Esperanza, and Aubri Lancaster, outlining some misconceptions about asexuality and how trauma and sexual violence are related to the orientation.


I would like to note that one of the quotes from me could, in some interpretations, imply that asexual people who have undergone trauma are not legitimate (because I’m quoted as saying that doesn’t “delegitimize the rest of us”). There is never much space for nuance in these kinds of pieces and that’s not their fault. In my interview I did discuss how important it is to support and make space for asexual people who have a traumatic history and went into detail about the legitimacy of people with that intersection. Anyone, including people with trauma, should be able to access asexuality labels and communities. (As of this writing no one has come out of the woodwork to criticize me for that presentation, but just in case anyone was confused about my position, I do not believe “does not delegitimize the rest of us” is, in isolation, an accurate representation of how I approach this issue.)

Upcoming Appearance: A Room of One’s Own I AM ACE Panel Discussion

I will be making an appearance via Crowdcast at A Room of One’s Own as a panelist with Cody Daigle-Orians and Ashabi Owagboriaye, two other ace activists. Cody’s new book I AM ACE is being celebrated and we will all discuss asexuality, related topics, and activism. We also expect to take questions and comments from participants.

Please join us on March 6, 2023, 7 PM Eastern / 6 PM Central.

You can register here:


Interview: The LaSallian

Interview: The LaSallian

The LaSallian, a student publication of De La Salle University-Manila, included some quotes from me and other asexual activists/authors in A look into the spectrum: Affirming asexual narratives.”

This print article includes contributions from KJ Cerankowski, me, and the pseudonymous Violet, discussing asexual people’s exclusion, representation, conflation with disability, and relationships.

Interview: San José State University News

Interview: San José State University News

San José State University News interviewed several asexual people (myself included) in an article called “Asexuality deserves recognition; content creators: all sexual identities.”

This print interview discusses asexual people’s experiences coming to an ace identity and how we are getting more visibility. The article is by Amani Hamed. Also interviewed are Cody Daigle-Orians and CJ George.


Spoke at “Beyond Awareness: Creating a Space for Asexual and Aromantic People”

I was a featured speaker at the “Beyond Awareness: Creating a Space for Asexual and Aromantic People” panel at the University of Massachusetts’ Stonewall Center, sponsored by SpACE+ (the ace-spectrum group at the university). This panel, organized by Genny Beemyn, featured Yasmin Benoit, August Huber, Leon Friedman, and me.