Profile/Headshot Photos:

Writing-related fun photos:

Novel in progress!

Fictional Character!

Misty eyes during a sad scene

Kinda losing it

Working during a blackout

Rereading with popcorn

Chicago Manual

Always writing

Imagination Plaque

The End, finished a novel

Coffee cup with my comic logo

Fairy writing muse

Sleepy writing!

Editing geek shirt

Even on vacation, no breaks

Five years of webcomics

A grueling edit


Celebrating a book deal

Shirt for Novelists

Good shirt for novelists

My First Advance Check

My first advance check

Signing First Pub Contract

Signing first pub contract

Book drawing in Toronto

Book drawing in Toronto 2014

First ARCs

First ARCs

Me on TV

Me on TV



Medals Won

IPPY & Next Generation Medals

With Andrea

With Agent Andrea Somberg

Lambda Awards

Red Carpet, Lambda Awards


Won Gold at Next Generation


Award at Next Generation


IPPY Medal

Toronto Signing

Signing in Toronto, 2015




Author Panel by Skype, Canada


3 thoughts on “Photos

  1. The only thing I know and see is that you are a beautiful and charming WOMAN.
    We have options. Free will. Who knows if one day you wake up in the morning and change everything.
    I think that all of this is a storm in a teacup.
    Good luck! God bless you!

    • Every day is certainly a new mystery. Moses. I am not sure what the reference to me changing is about–if it’s suggesting that I will want something else in my romantic life suddenly and in a way that is unprecedented in my 35 years, I think that’s a misleading and inappropriate suggestion, but in my community we do our best to acknowledge fluidity and I don’t make dogmatic statements. Please read my article Asexuality and Sexual Fluidity if you’re interested in this matter.

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