I like to draw characters to help me see them.  Here are some sample character doodles.


From Bad Fairy:

Delia’s First Wand

Graduation—WBC Spiral 88

Fire Week—Delia vs. Beatrice

Delia’s Group vs. the Triplets

Delia Hiding Behind Mommy

Study Group is a Lost Cause

From Finding Mulligan:

Dia and Mulligan in the Rain

Dia and Mulligan Being Cute

Dia and Mulligan Being Sweet

Finding Mulligan Concept

Cassie’s Symbolic Stars

Cassie’s Magic Bracelets

 From Stupid Questions:

Nick and Summer Texting

 From In Bloom:

Kamber & Joanne

From Joint Custody:

Bay and Marz — Concept

 From Short Stories:

Girl Games — “On the Inside”

Concept — “Protector”

Windy the Fairy — “Wind”



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