Bad Fairy: Book 3

“What happened before Sleeping Beauty slept?”

Genre: Fantasy (fairy tale retelling)
Length: Not yet begun
Status: Not yet begun
Notes: Book 3 of a trilogy

Just when you think you know yourself. . . .

Forced into hiding with a price on her head, dark fairy Delia Morningstar lays low in a neighboring kingdom, wearing a complicated disguise that makes people see her as her polar opposite: a typical fairy.  And she’s got to act the role.  What happens if she humors her fellow fairies and ends up actually enjoying some of her new life?

Struggling to balance her duality, Delia plays the game, makes friends, falls in love, and learns to be humble.  But when her time in hiding is up, she has to decide what’s truly important to her . . . and then live with the repercussions or die because of them.

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