I run two webcomics.  They are offsite and don’t have much connection with this page, and are published pseudonymously, but they’re mine and I love them.  Sample them if you like!


So You Write is just a silly comic about being a writer. Each toon outlines some experience I’ve had being a creative type, usually depicting the outside world being unsympathetic or not able to understand. The art is simplistic manga style (usually with chibi characters), colored, primarily in four-panel templates. There is no story and no update schedule (though it updates about once a month). You can like its Facebook page.


Negative One’s main storyline is about a pair of ordinary parents trying to raise a child with unusual abilities; their daughter Amanda, born with telekinetic powers, has to be disciplined and raised in unique and innovative ways, and her story is told from the point of view of her mom, Meri Lin. Other intermingled storylines include Adele (a prophet from another world who has to leave her beloved teacher and her land behind to come teach the future-seeing arts to someone in the human world), Weaver (a strange bat-like creature who has to prove to his captor that he is not an animal or else try to escape captivity to get his freedom), and Dax (a large, gentle creature who is struggling to figure out where his place is in the world). The story is text-heavy, and the art is rendered in attempted realistic pencil sketches. You can like its Facebook page.


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