On Submission: Bad Fairy

Today my literary agent has begun the process of approaching editors to get me a publishing deal.

We’re hoping to score a three-book deal for my trilogy with a major publisher.  As of today, she’s contacting appropriate publishers and asking if they want to see it.  I won’t make public posts about how it’s going until/unless I get an offer (or until/unless I get multiple offers and have settled the terms), but if I get great news, I’ll make a post about it as soon as I’m given the green light to announce the deal.

I’m considering it a when, not an if.  Because I love pretending I’m super confident that it will sell.  😉

3 thoughts on “On Submission: Bad Fairy

  1. This must be so nerve racking O_e

    For some reason, before I followed the blogs of authors/agents who are half way or completely into publishing their work, I always assumed getting an agent was the hardest thing ever. I thought after THAT was achieved, there would never be a need to worry again except maybe if the book didn’t end up selling that well.

    Oh-hoh how wrong I was.

    It might not be much coming from me, but I think you’ve really got a shot at this. I don’t know how long it’ll be before you get a deal, but I’m confident it’ll happen. It WILL sell! 😀

    And when it’s all over with, you know little peps like me will be bolting down Barnes and Noble to get the first editions of your book. Or pre-ordering and anxiously waiting for the shipment to arrive.

    (Although, granted, this is a weird thing to imagine seeing as how I’ll probably be in my first year of college by the time your novel hits the shelves. It usually takes a little over a year right?)

    Either way, good luck!

    • Yes, stuff that’s being acquired now I’m mostly seeing as being announced as coming out in winter 2014 and whatnot. If you get a big deal with a big company it takes a long time.

      It’s true that signing with an agent takes some of the pressure off—you realize that at least one professional in the publishing world thinks your stuff will sell, and you’re no longer personally responsible for being proactive in selling it—but it’s still stressful and I do anticipate working hard in whatever capacity I can to drum up interest in my books as well as continue to write good ones to keep them happy!

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