The Writer’s Voice Contest: Finding Mulligan

Mónica B.W., Cupid’s Literary Connection, Brenda Drake, and Krista VanDolzer collaborated to put on a contest called The Writer’s Voice.  It was a pretty cool contest for writers seeking agents to enter their polished novels and get a chance to have agents bidding on them to see partials and full manuscripts.  I figured I had nothing to lose, and I was lucky enough to actually make it into the competitive link pool, but then I had to hope one of the ladies above would choose me for their team.  They didn’t.

None of them are agents (as far as I know)—just other writers—but I figured if one of them picked me and I got a chance to get seen by someone who wouldn’t have otherwise seen me, it was worth it.  But since they chose other writers, I didn’t get to participate.  That said, Krista approached me after the contest, having said that she would let people know if their entries had been one of her favorites despite not being picked.  She left the following comment on my entry:

Just wanted to let you know that yours was one of the entries on my short short list. I thought the premise here was really intriguing, and your first page had a lot of mystery. I just worried that the concept would seem too similar to that new TV show Awake. I know you’ve probably been writing this since long before the show premiered, but I worried that people would find it derivative. It stinks when something steals your thunder like that.

Best of luck to you and FINDING MULLIGAN, because this is just the sort of thing I’d like to read.

I don’t actually think this concern is too worrisome, because my book is literally nothing like the premise of that show (except that they both involve falling asleep and having a different perspective), but it was still nice to hear what she had to say.  Thanks Krista.

Other nice comments:

Carrie Butler:

I enjoyed your 250. 🙂 Best of luck!
Nicole Zoltack:
Oh, love the premise! Good luck!
Becca C.:
Very interesting! I think this premise sounds great. Good luck in the contest!


I like how sassy this is! Good luck in the contest!

Dani Nau:
I like the characters in your story. This would be fun to read. Good luck in the contest!

Jaye Robin Brown:

This sounds like a fun read and a cool premise. Good luck.

Noelle Pierce:

This sounds really interesting! Good luck in the contest!


This sounds awesome! Love the voice and the premise! Good luck! 🙂
Katherine Laurin:
Really intriguing plot! GL!
Kristen Wixted:
Good luck–Love the name Dia! I want to read more about Mulligan.
Anne Pfeffer:
Cute idea — sounds like a great story! Good luck!

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