Come and Get It! Contest: Finalists

So, as a judge for Cupid’s Come and Get It! Contest, I had to choose four finalists out of the original ten entries I was given.  The judges all agreed that it was a rough choice.  I was pretty highly critical of all my entries and gave a LOT of feedback, and I really hope it’s helped everyone—not just my four finalists—in their search for an agent.

My final four (“original entry” links to where you can read my comments; “finalist” links to where you can see if agents bid on them):

I must say it was an interesting experience being on the other side of the fence in a contest.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be, though.  It took some time, effort, and energy, but I was very confident in the entries I chose and enjoyed giving feedback.  If anyone wants to ask questions about my feedback, let me know.  I’m an open book!

In a nice nerdy blog post, Kristy Shen has analyzed the chosen entries and processed the data on genres overall, genres by judge, and age groups.  Very cool~!

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