Video: Plotter vs. Pantser

This video contains perspectives on the “Plotter vs. Pantser” issue: should you plot things out before you write, or should you write by the seat of your pants and see what shakes out?

I give some advice, but mostly I just explore the pros and cons of each writing approach.

Video: Research

My latest video offers perspectives on why it’s so important to collect your own observations directly when you’re researching for a book. Your take on the world is what makes your story something only you can write, so that research should be personal too!

Please watch “Research.”

Video: Starting Over

Let’s say you’re working on a book and it’s just not coming together, and now you have to start over. Or let’s say you got feedback from someone you trust and you’re realizing your book has a fatal flaw or could be much better if you made a fundamental change to it. Is this scary? YES! Are there some pointers I can give you to reassure you while getting through it? You bet!

Here’s a video talking through why you might be starting an existing story over again with a new draft and some thoughts on how to approach it.

Video: Writing Fanfiction

I used to have a kind of negative opinion of people writing fanfiction and thought it was a waste of time. Nowadays, though I’m still not a fanfiction reader or writer, I see how beneficial it can be, regardless of whether it trains a writer for an original writing career. Watch my video for thoughts on fanfiction.

Video: Writing to Gender

Today I’m sharing a video about gender’s role in determining what we write and how we sell what we write.

The thrust of this video is that I encourage people to be aware how gendered media frequently is in terms of how it portrays certain genders in fiction and how it’s marketed, and what I think we can do to write our fiction to avoid perpetuating stereotypes and making media more inclusive.