Personality Profile: Fire Type

If you got the FIRE personality type on the What’s Your Element? quiz, you value the passionate, the exciting, and the intense.  You love the juice of life—the experience of it—more than you value accomplishments or possessions.

You tend to come to conclusions without being able to trace your steps; you simply know what’s right for you, and you pursue it with intensity.  You’re very dynamic and inspiring to be around, and people will believe you and follow you easily.  You tend to be extremely passionate about whatever you believe, and it doesn’t take you long to build up to full speed ahead.

You’re a go-with-your-gut person.  You’re impulsive and brave, and stagnating scares you more than forging ahead without a plan does.  You also have the ability to reinvent yourself as you see fit, as you possess the talent of transformation.  And you have an opinion on everything.

Your strengths:

You’re so charismatic and interesting to be around that you attract people easily, and your relationships with them tend to be full of fireworks.  You’re a great leader because you have the ability to inspire others and clearly convey your passion in an authentic way—you never come off like a snake-oil salesperson.  You’re comfortable in front of an audience, and if you have a problem, you don’t waffle or hide from it; you attack it.

Not only do you attract people; when you do commit you are very devoted and passionate about exploring that relationship.  People who love big romantic gestures will be pleasantly surprised by your willingness to express your feelings.  Your confidence allows you to live a motivated and fearless life.

Your weaknesses:

Sometimes your intensity can be exhausting for people who don’t have your energy, and they may just find it obnoxious.  You may have a tendency toward anger when things don’t go the way you wanted them to, and you may have trouble working this out constructively.  You have trouble taking advice, even if it’s solicited or justified, and you can be self-righteous if you’re questioned.

Your devotion to your causes or interests can sometimes be interpreted as going overboard into obsession.  Your tendency to be loud or to engage in attention-getting behavior could result in your being considered immature.  Your impulsiveness sometimes leads you to make and commit to poor decisions while your conviction in the rightness of your actions can make it hard for you to see that it’s so before it’s too late.  Your predisposition for accepting change can occasionally lead to you betraying others.

Your Roles and Careers:
Leader, soldier, salesperson, rescue worker, performing artist, entertainer, motivational speaker.

Symbols Associated With Fire (these are not supposed to be “your favorites”—they are traditionally used to represent this element):

Color: Red/Orange
Direction: South
Season: Summer
Time of Day: Noon
Animals: Wild animals, cats, lizards
Foods: Spicy, red, strong-flavored, tangy, smoke-heated, hot: barbecue, meat, garlicky foods, chili, marinades with a kick
Music: Dancing music, hard rock, heavy metal, brass music, marching band music, angry music
Clothes: Unmistakable and sexy, distinct, prideful, nameplate or individualized pieces, fashionable, expensive, tight-fitting, loud, red/orange/gold, black, synthetic, glitter, beads, gold jewelry, diamonds

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37 thoughts on “Personality Profile: Fire Type

  1. Hi, the odd thing about me is the personality bit of air matches me completly but the symbol side of fire matches me completly. Im woundering if it is possible that I am Air & Fire. Afterall, fire needs air to be so could it be possible that I am both? Thank you for the information. Blessed be!

    • Actually, the symbols are just symbols–people of all kinds of personality types like different symbols. They’re just associated with the elements traditionally. If you are an air type person, it doesn’t mean you can’t like fire-type symbols. They are not part of the personality evaluation. They are for indicating the element in ritual work or symbolic presentation.

      • Elemental personality quizzes aren’t a science or anything, and I don’t believe there are only four types of people in the world, so it’s natural that some people are more mixed than others.

    • It’s not possible to be multiple elements. Whichever one the test gave you is more than likely correct, but just for your benefit, you should know the most common soul elements to be found are Fire and Water. You’re probably a Fire elemental.

      • I don’t think the way you’re describing elements matches with the way this test is rating them. I don’t agree that it’s “not possible to be multiple elements,” because I certainly believe there are more than four kinds of people in the world and that not everyone falls neatly in a category. The way you mention “soul elements” makes me think you’re talking about a different system than I am–this is a personality test, and it’s purely symbolic. People can definitely be more than one if one doesn’t seem to fit them entirely.

    • No it is not possible to be in two elements.the base and begining of fire element is the burning desire and control over mind. IF you have your mind in full of your control (self-control)then it means you are fire element.And if you are a kind kf person who only come in this life to party then you are air. Mind control reprsent fire and in discipline and pleasures prsents air match which type of element you are.

      • There are more than four types of people in the world. Some people will relate to more than one element. This isn’t a science or a specifically defined discipline.

  2. I’ve done your quiz two different times… On one week I got an Earth & then following time I got Fire… I’m assuming that means I can work you have any insights?

    • Not really. If I knew what you answered differently on which day, I could probably tell you more, but if you’re getting different answers on different days, you’re probably a mix of the two and answered nearly equally between Fire and Earth. I don’t know what you mean by “I can work both,” though. It’s a personality type test, not a test to determine affinity for an actual element or any kind of ability. (For example, a Fire type personality could still love water sports, etc.)

      • Exactly I used to play a game at school involving the elements and in the game I was earth but I also liked swimming. So if you have one element it doesn’t matter what you like it’s just part of your personality.

    • Whats actually weird is that i’m actually Earth, (literally, im Capricorn) and Im more like fire, i mean.. sure its true that im intelligent, honest, trustworthy, kind. but Im more like fire because im loyal, couragous, talkative, brave, and I LOVE the heat (summer) and I perfer the color Red over green, and i perfer SPICY foods, and I like wild animals, cats, and lizards, and I like that type of music.. so I feel like im a mix of earth and Fire.

  3. I got fire! The description is pretty accurate! I love summer and heat. My ideal location would be Tucson, Arizona. I can even go running in 100 degree weather, in my short shorts and sports bra of course, jamming to upbeat music. My favorite food is spicy Indian. I do like to be the life of the party too and prefer hanging in groups. I make friends easily and have long-lasting relationships. I also crave alone time though, which isn’t very fire-like. I guess even fire people can’t burn constantly 🙂 Fun quiz, Julie!

  4. Dang, this is me. I always choose fire over all the other elements when asked my favorite, and know I know why. The intense emotions, the impulsiveness, all of it sounds so me. XD

    I’m proud to be fire! Yay!!!

  5. I got fire it is so accurate but there’s one thing is so not like me I hate spicy food but I can’t how accurate fire is to me I love summer I won’t to move to a place that’s warm all year round I talkative and I love that kind of music.even through my favorite color is green. Well besides that fire is me

    • That’s okay, those lists of foods and things associated with Fire don’t mean you like them; they just symbolize them. The personality traits are the ones that are supposed to be associated with you.

      • I am fire but i dont like hot weather or ven under the sun i hate it and i even get head ache when facing the heat of the sun, i love being in the cold place and i love taking shower with cold water.

  6. I am fairly certain I am fire. I’m not sure what foods to eat to keep me calm, and not fuel my Fire. Along with a fire personality, I am ADHD to the max, so I nwe’d to figure oit what foods aRe bset for me. I heard I shouldn’t eat spicy foods or soft nuts, but don’t know what I should eat.
    Thank you for you help with this. Thank you for the informative site too.
    Many Blessings

  7. I’m a fire , which is so me by the way. I made my dad and my bestie take this quiz and they both got air, and it describes them! The funny thing is they are so different yet this element describes both of them! LOL !

  8. I’ve done the quiz and I initially thought that I’ll get Water/Earth as a result, but no! . I’ve got Fire as a result!!!!!! . Woo hoo!!!! I clicked on the ‘Fire’ button to read more info and hell yes, they are all damn true! I especially have to scroll my Samsung A7 phone screen up and down a couple of times while writing down this comment .

  9. I AM 100% fire in every way and this works 4 everyone I know! The symbols are actually my fave but are fires support to disagree with other fires? Like with bossiness and got headedness? Coz that happens 4 me.

    • Yes, sometimes people who are fire types don’t get along great with other fire types because you might both be somewhat headstrong and have your own ways of doing things, so if your ways are different, you could butt heads.

  10. Fire! Hell yeah! Fun thing is that i’m a Libra. But still, fire will always be my favorite element. <3

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