Personality Profile: Earth Type

If you got the EARTH personality type on the What’s Your Element? quiz, you value practicality, common sense, and patience.  You have realistic expectations for your life, and prefer the tried and true to the up and coming.

You’ve learned everything you know by trying it and doing it.  When you have a goal or purpose, you figure out how to start and how the process should look, and then you pursue it methodically.  That way the results are predictable, which is perfect because not knowing how something is going to turn out is an experience you’d rather avoid.  You always prefer “the devil you know,” and the unknown makes you uncomfortable, not curious.

Being at home in your body and at home in your home, you’re comfortable with the physical world.  You have a pretty strong nesting instinct, which results in your wanting a settled and stable existence in your home.  You like activities that ground you and may be particularly fond of gardening, cooking/eating, and building.  You have no problem with commitment in relationships, and you’re very faithful and trustworthy in every relationship you have.  You tend not to change residence or jobs often if possible.

Your strengths:

You’re so dependable that everyone always knows what to expect with you, and that’s why you have the longest, strongest relationships possible.  You tend to have very good, learned-experience-based advice and can offer it in accessible ways to others.  It’s very difficult for anyone to make you lose your temper, and your patience makes you able to achieve long-term goals and see them through to fruition.

Wherever you live is a welcoming place; you’re very good at making a comfortable home and seeing to the needs of people who might wander in.  You can probably give a very good hug, massage, or other physical experience someone wants or needs, and you have a good sense of when someone might appreciate these physical comforts.

Your weaknesses:

You tend to get so rooted that you can’t uproot even when you need to.  This can cause you to stay in a terrible situation because change scares you more than continuing to endure.  Sometimes you have trouble seeing other people’s perspectives because you’ve learned yours through personal experience and might not have much inclination to consider another person’s experiences equally valid if they yielded different conclusions.  You might even stick to a point you made after you’ve been proven wrong because you don’t want to be seen flip-flopping.

You may have a tendency toward laziness.  Being patient, you may be fine with procrastination and lack of immediate action, which can frustrate others.  Sometimes certain comforts are so enjoyable to someone like you who’s so physically connected that you overindulge, and develop inertia regarding any attempt to address getting out of your rut.

Your Roles and Careers:
Farmer or gardener, engineer, artisan, homemaker, nanny, producer, parent, banker, manufacturer.

Symbols Associated With Earth (these are not supposed to be “your favorites”—they are traditionally used to represent this element):

Color: Green
Direction: North
Season: Winter
Time of Day: Midnight
Animals: Big, docile domesticated animals (cows, horses, goats, pigs), dogs
Foods: Starchy, heavy, plain: breads, carbohydrates, vegetables that grew in the soil, heavy foods, nuts, anything made with flour, organic foods
Music: Drums, spirited and rhythmic chanting, the blues, deliberate and earthy music, down-home country
Clothes: Practical, comfortable, timeless, earthy and simple, browns and greens, natural fabric, corduroy, roomy, chunky and natural accessories (like wood beads)

Comment if you’re an Earth person!

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24 thoughts on “Personality Profile: Earth Type

    • I know right! This fits me exactly! On another quiz I got Wind, and I thought, I love wind, sure, but the description? No. This one is perfect.I love green, it’s my favorite color. I never had a favorite direction (well, almost no one does right?). Winter has recently become my favorite season (not when I took this, the winter was sooooooo warm here I absolutely HATED it!!), and my name is mostly because my favorite time is nighttime. Actually I didn’t realize that it was a bird until I looked it up Animals? I love all animals, not as much the domesticated ones though. Music, eh, ok, same with clothes.

  1. According to the quiz I am an Air person, but it really doesn’t seem to fit. By the given description of Earth, I think I would fall into this category.

  2. Wow! I’m impressed. Was mostly accurate, except that I do have a temper.
    Surprisingly, many of the symbols were also correct.
    My favorite color is green. I love starchy foods, carbs and I’m a late night person. In clothing I tend towards comfy and practical, but don’t only stick to earthy colors.

  3. Eh, it’s partially there. The top half of it isn’t really me, but the bottom half is. I did other quizzes before this and it looks like I’m also partially a water person too!

    Nice job on making the quiz, btw; it looks like a lot of effort was put into it 🙂

    • I got Earth on this one (forgot to mention that, hehe) and on a couple other ones I got 1 Earth and 2 Water results.

    • Thanks, I thought about the questions a lot. But ultimately there are way more than 4 types of people, so there are always going to be some people who are more of a mix!

  4. Wow, I just took a quiz like this the other day! I was typed as Water. I was typed as having some Earth responses. Some of this was true, though. It was interesting to participate in.

  5. I got earth & I can say based on my real life experience that the description fits me perfectly especially on the part where I it said that I can get so rooted even if I need to uproot myself especially on my relationships and sometimes even to my material possessions. As for my fave color & clothes, I choose those that never go out of style & I always go for black or dark blue/green/brown (thanks to my strong Saturn emphasis on my natal chart) & not to mention that my profession as an Architectural Designer is related to Engineering.

  6. I fit more into this description than water. Although I’d like to have a fox instead and I like summer. If you keep me up to midnight, I’m most likely to be outside, looking at the stars. My name means of earth so. Ha ha ha.

  7. The result from my quiz answers was that my element is air. The description of an air person, however, does not describe me at all. The description of the earth person fits me to a tee.

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