Come and Get It! Contest

Cupid’s Literary Connection is hosting a contest called COME AND GET IT!

I’m one of the judges.

This contest is for un-agented authors with polished, query-ready manuscripts who’d like a shot at getting bid on by agents, but they have to make it past the gauntlet of writer judges first. Those who get selected will have agents look at their work.

The genres we’re accepting are Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, Women’s, Romance, Historical, Thrillers, Commercial, Literary, and Memoir. Woo-hoo.

2 thoughts on “Come and Get It! Contest

  1. It is especially during moments like this where I wish I had a totally awesome ready manuscript.

    And a twitter Dx.

    But I shall bid good luck to everyone who enters! >D I hope you have fun judging, Ivy! 😀

    Also, for a moment there, I thought one of the genres was Women’s Romance o.o That was a bit…confusing. Conflicting feels.

    • Hee. Sorry you don’t have a manuscript right now. :X For this one you don’t have to have Twitter. I’ve been in a contest where you had to pitch your manuscript over Twitter, though, and that was a challenge! (Since we all know about the problems I have being concise.)

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