Ace of Arts Update: Chapter 5

I’m kinda amazed that I’m still not making time for more than one chapter a week right now. Well maybe a better word is “disappointed.”

The good news is that this is probably my favorite chapter so far. Chapter 5 is about protagonist Megan interacting with Brady in homeroom and finding out some stuff about him that suggests he is not the jerk she has always thought he was (though she’s still wondering if he’s a liar). I did kinda feel like she said too many words in the chapter though. She’s pretty reserved and usually quite reluctant to say anything at all, and I think I could pull back on some of her dialogue since this has to be a new record for her.

And there’s also been a bomb dropped on her about diversifying her portfolio so now she’s dealing with that too. Hopefully I’ll get it strung together soon enough.

Chapter 5 was 2,540 words and brings the book’s total to about 12,000 words.

I think I need to bring Megan’s sister back for Chapter 6 and build on some of her home life stuff because that’s going to be important. I don’t want to linger there too much though because I want to get her back to school and throw Brady at her again. That’ll be fun because I’ve kind of written that part already, back when I first wrote about these characters in 1999.

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