Ace of Arts Update: Chapter 3

I thought I was going to get a lot of writing done this week, but then things happened.

The new word count is 7,976, with Chapter 3 weighing in at 2,545 words.

In it, I have introduced the not-useless guidance counselor–his name is Mr. Navarro–and I’ve gotten Megan moving with her motivation to consider going to college. We also got to meet her classmate Brady, who’s pretty damn important in the book.

I’m not sure how exactly that development is going to look in the context of the story though. Megan is clearly irritated by Brady’s very existence, and all her mental narration casts him as a total asshole, but his actions in the chapter aren’t at all asshole material. I want this to suggest some layers of resentment and frustration for her that she’s not really willing to acknowledge consciously, but I worry that readers will oversimplify and think she’s just being a jerk. Guess we’ll see. All I can do is put stuff there. I can’t control what people do with it. I’ll figure out later what level of nuance I need to use.

Also, I’m really not a settings person–I tend to describe conversation and interaction and mental experiences but not so much the world around people. I’m working really hard against my inclinations for this story because I feel like the protagonist would look at her environment a lot more than I do. I want her to filter the world around her through at least something like an artist’s eye–which is not to say she romanticizes anything, but she does notice stuff. There should be a lot of details of the surroundings blended into her experiences. I hope it won’t look shoehorned in since it’s not my strength.

That’s it for now!

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