Interview: Best Magazine

A piece about me has been published in Best magazine in the UK. It is included in the print edition as well as the abridged online version.

The article is written in first person as if I had written it. I did not. I also did not approve the article’s approach or content. I was promised a read-back and did not receive it. I also found out about its publication more than a month after it appeared.

The article contains factual inaccuracies about my life (I do not go out with friends in heels and a dress to have fun, and I would never imply that being asexual frees a person from the experience of jealousy), and its writing style not only contains British conventions I do not use, but employs reductionist and simplistic phrasing and philosophy I would never touch.

A read-back would have prevented this. A more comprehensive debunking is posted here on my blog.

The link to the article:

I’m a 35 year old virgin

Grainy scans of the print article (click to enlarge):


2 thoughts on “Interview: Best Magazine

    • This is pretty typical for tabloid style magazines, and I don’t think any good would be done through a retraction of some kind. But I am trying to track down how this ended up in first person. I’m used to mainstream journalism failing at the nuances but making this seem to come out of my mouth is very misleading.

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