Review (Bibliotropic): The Invisible Orientation

I got a lovely review from Ria at the book review site Bibliotropic.

Read it here:

The Invisible Orientation, by Julie Sondra Decker

I received a top rating of “five teacups” (or if you have bad eyes like me, they kinda look like pies, which I would also happily accept), and the reviewer said some very nice things about the book. A short excerpt (though you should read the whole thing, really):

Aside from being an amazing resource that gives clarity to many issues (“If someone has sex can they still call themselves asexual?” “What if I still have sexual attraction to people but it’s really low and not that important?”), this book gave me words to properly describe so many things that I’ve felt but didn’t have any idea how to express. I’ve known I’m asexual for some time, but how do I defend that against people who can rightly say, “Your experiences with sex weren’t that great, and your hormones were messed up at a key time of your development, and you did experience abuse as a child,” and that all leads them to the ‘reason’ I’m asexual. Those statements may all be true, and I can’t deny them, but every time someone brought that up, I didn’t have the right words to say why that all felt wrong, that they didn’t cause my orientation any more than an overbearing mother caused a man to be gay. I’d get frustrated and angry at my inability to express what I felt. Now, I have the words to say it all, and there is no end to the amount that I’m grateful for that.

3 thoughts on “Review (Bibliotropic): The Invisible Orientation

  1. Holy crap, the icons do kind of look like pies, don’t they?! They’re supposed to be teacups, from years back when my blog was named Tea & Tomes.

    Though now I kind of want some pie. :p

    • OKAY, THIS IS A STRANGE COINCIDENCE. Check this out. I told one of my friends on the phone just now that I got a nice review this morning, and when I went to look it up on my phone so I could tell him where to find it, I noticed that on my phone, the “pies” looked like cups. I told him, “Hmm, I think those are supposed to be coffee cups or something, I called them cups on my blog, I should go change that.” And then I came here and . . . you had commented to say this. Synchronicity. . . .

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