Japanese Edition: The Invisible Orientation

The Invisible Orientation is now available in a Japanese translation.

This is a translation of the original material and is still a Western conception of the culture and concepts of asexuality. Its content has not been localized.

But it is available in bookstores and through its Japanese Amazon page.

My sister, whose husband is from Japan and has relatives there, recently found the book in a bookstore and bought a copy. Here it is in the wild, with photos from her Instagram. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Japanese Edition: The Invisible Orientation

  1. Hello,how are you

    I am a student studying about lithromantic,
    but I suffered in a situation that I can’t find other explain except from your book.

    Can you tell me why the lithromantic is a romantic orientation ?

    Where can I find the science evident to support ?

    If you can tell me I will be very thankful.

    • Hi! “Lithromantic” is a somewhat new term. I don’t think there are any scientific sources that study it. It refers to people who are attracted to others romantically but don’t want the other person to be attracted back. It is sometimes considered a type of aromanticism. There are no scientific studies that I know of personally that studied people who use the term or gather data about lithromanticism. I have just seen people using the term to describe how their attraction works, and there are a few articles out there where people discuss it–but if you need scientific evidence only, I can’t help, since identifying as lithromantic is not a scientific statement!

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