Interview: (A)sexual by Arts Engine

I’ve been picked to be one of the representative asexual folks discussing asexuality issues in the upcoming feature length indie documentary (A)sexual.  Today was my interview.

The producer decided to include me because I suppose my videos on the ‘Net are important enough to the outreach for the movement. I’m happy they decided to do that, because I like having an opportunity to make my voice heard and contribute my unique strands here.

I had three production crew members in my apartment this afternoon: an interviewer, a photographer, and a cameraman. (Well, they all did more than that, but those seemed to be their main functions while they were with me.) And the first thing they did (after setting up HUGE LIGHTS and clipping one of those shmancy microphones on me) was videotape me videotaping myself.

They wanted to film me making one of my YouTube vids, so I pulled out the material for Letters to an Asexual #5 and made the stupid thing in one take while they filmed me talking to the camera. While I was filming this, there was a dude walking around with a huge camera and sometimes standing on my couch. There was this huge light box thing next to me and if you look real close you can see the black mic clipped on my shirt (hard to see because I’m wearing a black shirt). Otherwise you can’t tell that this video is any different from the ones I normally make, which is GOOD.

We did that, and then they taped me uploading the video and talking about it a little, and then I guess to capture more about me as a person they wanted to tape me drawing my comic (which I did some of) and they taped my toys in my room and later on they taped me singing in my kitchen while baking cookies.

The silliest thing of all was having to sign a musical release because my humming was considered a “performance.”

A release. For humming.

There was also a very long interview. I sat in my tiny chair for it. Heh. (I hope that doesn’t look really weird in the show.) I got to answer very sensitive questions while pretending it wasn’t strange to have a very big camera pointed at me. I’m used to talking straight into the camera for my YouTube vids, so looking off-camera at the interviewer was a little different. Even though I’m pretty much in my element talking about this, I do have to say it’s a little uncomfortable to candidly answer questions such as “What do you think about masturbation?” and “How do you define love?” with three people I hardly know recording what I say.

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