Article (Reprint): “Asexual, Aromantic, Partnerless, Child-Free… And (Yes!) Happy”

Everyday Feminism contacted the editor of my February Drunk Monkeys piece and asked to reprint it on their site. This is pretty exciting since they get a huge amount of traffic!

They did modify my wording slightly (specifically, they chose to use “child-free” instead of “childless,” and I don’t really like identifying as “child-free,” though technically it describes me).

Please read “Asexual, Aromantic, Partnerless, Child-Free… And (Yes!) Happy” on Everyday Feminism.

2 thoughts on “Article (Reprint): “Asexual, Aromantic, Partnerless, Child-Free… And (Yes!) Happy”

  1. Hey !

    (As an introduction, please excuse my english…it may be bad or incorrect sometimes, as I’m french and not so sure about my english !)

    Ok so I read your article carefully, and I guess I’m part of people that are unable to understand asexuality. But hey, I’m not a monster : I accept it though.
    But I think you should have detailed what your status really is : are you asexual because you just don’t want to have a sexuality ? Or is it because you never feel sexually excited, “horny”, and thus don’t need to have any sexual activities, even alone ?
    Same thing with a partner : is it that you don’t WANT one, or you don’t NEED one ?
    Won’t talk about children here, in France we’re just more “laxists” about women not wanting to be mothers, I guess…

    I don’t want to side with people labelling you as “Abnormal”, thinking you MUST be suffering any kind of psychological and/or physical disease, let’s be clear. But it depends on the causes making you asexual and in no need of a partner…
    If you NEVER feel (and felt) “horny”, then you have a physical/chemical disorder.

    But hey, if you never felt that, then you don’t know what you miss…this precision being brought, let me say this : no matter what, the first and essential thing is…well, you’re happy like that ! ^^

    • I recommend you do some basic research on asexuality if you’d like to know more about the reasons behind why some of us identify as asexual, and the same with aromanticism. I don’t know if you thought you were saying things I might never have considered before, but that’s not the case. My video Asexuality: An Overview might be helpful in giving you some perspective on asexuality since you seem to be coming from pretty broad ignorance on the topic. As for what I “should have” detailed, no piece of writing can cover every nuance of my personal experience, and it was not about justifying or fully explaining my specific experience, what I do and don’t do, and the intimate details of my relationships. Please don’t imply that my piece about one of my experiences as an asexual woman would have been better served as an asexuality 101 resource.

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